Who We Are and What We Do

David Millan has worked as an estate agent since 1984 in North and North West London. Until recently he had been a partner in a Muswell Hill estate agency, an area in which he lives. As it has become harder and more time consuming to find properties in London, he has established this independent property consultancy to handle with his associates, the buying and renting process, saving his clients time and unnecessary stress while offering full support throughout the process.

Use us to…

Save You Time

Registering and maintaining contact with several estate agents and to be kept at the top of their lists takes time and persistence. And that’s just the start. Once an offer has been accepted we will liaise with solicitors, agents and financial advisers to drive the purchase through.

Source Properties Thoroughly

As well as good relationships we have with estate agents, we may also find available properties that are not on the open market and can canvas specific roads and developments.

Review Properties

This is especially good if you’re not living close to the target area. We can inspect any properties of interest and report back in detail as to whether they warrant a long distance trip.

Be Prioritised By Vendors and Their Agents

By retaining us, you will be qualified as top buyers and recognized by agents and sellers accordingly.

Increase Chances of Securing an Offer

We are experienced in putting together winning bids.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Estate agents work for the seller. We work for you and negotiate with the seller’s agent on a business to business basis.

Benefit from Advice and Guidance Throughout

We will almost certainly have experienced any issues that arise along the way for which we will have solutions. The initial price negotiation can be the first of many during the process and we will be with you throughout.

Independently Assess Values

We will appraise all properties of interest to assess what we consider to be the right buying price.

Mitigate Abortive Transactions

From experience, some abortive transactions could have been avoided prior to offer by spotting potential issues at an early stage. This could prevent unnecessary legal and survey fees.