The Property Finding Process

Free Initial Consultation

We will take a detailed brief of your requirements. This also gives us a chance to have a general chat and answer any questions you may have.

The Search

If you are unsure of where you want be we will carry out an orientation exercise to show you selected areas and focus on those that you like. We will find properties through estate agents, targeted canvasing, private adverts and any other sources we have to provide an initial list. The search is an ongoing process which we continue until success is achieved.


From a shortlist we will arrange these and can view initially on your behalf or accompany you.


We will assess what we consider to be the target price and then recommend a strategy to secure it.

Exchange and Completion

We will drive the process through by liaising with your solicitor, financial adviser and selling agent or vendor to reach the fastest and smoothest conclusion. A lot of preliminary work can be carried out initially to help here.

Other Services for Buyers

We are really happy to advise on ‘one-off’ matters that might arise in buying properties. It might just be that an objective opinion would be helpful or how to approach when buying a property where issues have arisen. We’re not surveyors or solicitors but will know how they may affect re-sale and have an opinion as to how to proceed.